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90-Series Base Stations

"TKB-6900 Series Low Band Base Stations are built around the TK-690 high performance 110W radio. The TK-690 transceiver is mounted in a 2 RU enclosure which includes forced air cooling and option bays for two peripheral circuit boards. The basic configuration includes a 2 channel tone termination panel (2 or 4 wire audio). Equipment may be mounted in a cabinet enclosure or open rack, and may be used either by itself (50W continuous duty or 110W at 20% duty cycle) or as a driver for an external continuous duty RF amplifier (100W or 300W).

  • Power supply options include battery backup with integrated SmartCharger and Low Voltage Disconnect.
  • Mounting options include 20 RU (42"") and 40 RU (77"") locking cabinets in addition to 17 RU (3') and 45 RU (7') open equipment racks.
  • External connections are RJ-11 for phone line, DB-25 for access to the internal chassis bus, & type N-female for RF.
  • T-R simplex antenna switching is included in the basic unit as well as in all external amplifiers.

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